Kilworth House Roof Inspection

What did we do?
We were asked to carry out a roof inspection at Kilworth House, Leicestershire to allow the maintenance team to assess damage on top of the orangery, map out the lightning conductors and see which guttering sections needed unblocking of leaves.
We collected a series of videos and images on the day from different angles to allow the staff to accurately assess areas of damage and map out lightning conductors - see below for just some of these.
How long did it take?
In the space of two hours we surveyed the three main buildings and put together a video reel of each area to send over to the maintenance staff.

A collection of videos we shot at Kilworth House

A selection of photos we took at Kilworth House
Why should you use drones for roof inspections?
1) It's easier - we can have the drone set up and ready to go within minutes. We will carry out a preliminary location recce to make sure the process is as simple as possible for all involved.
2) It's cheaper - at a fraction of the cost of hiring scaffolding or a scissor lift and a team to inspect the roof, drones require only two people - one to operate and one to keep watch.
3) It's safer - Not only do we operate within UK regulations for the commercial operations of drones, but sending a drone up to a roof is much safer then sending a team of people up.
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