Ethan and Rachel's Wedding

Ethan and Rachel's Wedding

Ethan and Rachel's Wedding
On the 18th January 2020, Ethan and Rachel celebrated their wedding day surrounded by family and friends at Moulton Parish Church in Northamptonshire. Ethan and Rachel asked Joe Drage Video and Content Production to create a short video of memories from the day - something which could be looked at for years to come to let them relive their special day.
In conjunction with Flux Media Productions, we filmed the ceremony, reception and all the bits inbetween. Working closely with the photographer and Ethan and Rachel beforehand, we managed to capture each special moment throughout the day.
ethan and rachel wedding photo

Ethan and Rachel outside Moulton Parish Church on their wedding day, January 18th 2020

overstone park drone shot

Drone shot above Overstone Park Resort showing Ethan and Rachel arriving shortly after getting married

The Reception
Not only were we able to capture the arrival of the bridal party at the church, but we also foudn the opportunity to use our drone to film Ethan and Rachel arriving at the reception venue.
The stunning Overstone Park Resort, with it's large spanning gold course and small cabins, was the venue for Ethan and Rachel's Reception. Situated just outside Overstone at the foot fo the flightpath for Sywell Aerodrome, special permission was required to fly from the air traffic control tower.
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Ethan and Rachel, and the entire family were delighted by the video when we visited them personally to deliver it. The children watched with amazement as they saw themselves on the TV, and there were tears throughout the room as each person relived the moments.
You can watch the highlights video down below. Let us know what you think using our contact form - any feed back is greatly appreciated!
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group photo ethan and rachel

A group photo being taken at Overstone Park Resort at Ethan and Rachel's wedding reception

Ethan and Rachel's Wedding Highlights Video created by Joe Drage Video and Content Production and Flux Media Productions

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